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. you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news in high- definition. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." the officers were not injured. >> they are telling lies on our people. once again police and a community at odds after officers shoot and kill a man who tried to jump a muni train. what witnesses are saying. what police are telling us. and the cell phone video of the
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incident. he was oscar grant's best friend. he was standing on the b.a.r.t platform the moment grant was killed. now he too is dead from a gunshot wound. and an acquittal causing outrage across america. tonight caylee is a free woman. i'm juliette goodrich in for ann notarangelo. tonight, a man is dead after san francisco police shot him several times. he was being questioned for not paying a fare for muni. officers say the man fired on them. but joe vazquez reports witnesses tell a very different story. joe, now i understand we have some pretty graphic cell phone video of this entire incident. >> reporter: julia, we are only going to show a very short snipet of that video. too gorery to show on television. the man who sheet the video said he captured the last two shots fired by police officers then the video, the part you won't see goes on to show this
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man who was shot laying on the sidewalk bleeding profusely while he waited for help. listen closely and you can hear two pops. dixon said he turned his camera on just after the first firing. >> by the time you saw the officers get in front of us he gave the last two shots while he was already down. >> nine shots total? >> yes, seven to nine shots. >> reporter: it happened in front of dozens of witnesses. a man shot by at least two officers. several people tell cbs5 the man was running from police and they shot him from behind. >> it all started behind a transfer. the young man did not have his amount to pay his fare. it started off with a chase. and it ended up with a chase with them taking a stand and shooting him in the back. shot him down like an animal. >> reporter: police say two officers assigned to a violence
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reduction program were conducting a fair inspection on a muni train. for some reason the man took off running. >> during the course of the foot pursuit at this point we believe the suspect fired backwards at the officers. the officers returned fire in self-defense. the suspect was struck and wounded. >> reporter: the man later died at the hospital. witnesses are so furious they loudly shouted down the police news conference. >> the officers were not injured. >> they are telling lies. >> reporter: the investigation is ongoing? >> they are telling lies on our people. >> by homicide, internal affairs division. >> they are telling lies on our people. >> hey, hey, hey. >> reporter: did he fire at police? >> several neighbors tell us that just wasn't the case. so was a weapon ever recovered? >> have you found his weapon? >> i don't have any information on the weapon at this time. >> any shell casings, anything that would indicate there was a weapon? >> i don't have any evidence from the scene at this time.
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>> reporter: since that news conference police have said they found casings that did not belong to the police department. but so far they have not said whether they have recovered a weapon. juliette, the other thing that angered so many people. we could clearly see that the man was sitting there on the sidewalk just dying frankly bleeding out as he waited police stood over them as they were waiting for an ambulance to arrive. >> what now happens to that develop phone video? will that become crucial evidence? are the police looking looking at that. >> reporter: the man who gave it to us, in fact, sold it to cbs5, said that he was not going to the police. he didn't trust the police. a lot of distrust in that neighborhood. several people shot. the immediate aftermath an shot it on their cell phones as well not clear though whether any of them gave it to the police department. >> joe vazquez in san francisco. thank you. this incident comes two and a half years after the shooting death of oscar grant. and tonight grant's best friend
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who was on that bart platform has himself been killed by gunfire. 25-year-old john caldwell was shot to death yesterday while he was sitting in a car at a gas station in hayward. someone walked up to him and fired several shots. the suspect ran away. police do not believe the shooting was random. >> happened in broad daylight which is real crazy too. i don't know, it is just dum, i think it is. >> calwell is seen in this cell phone video on the bart platform with oscar grant new year's morning 2009. in fact, that is him wearing the grey hoodie approaching officers and then walking away when officers ordered him to get back. it was moments after that grant was shot. caldwell sued bart for $5 million saying he was mentally and emotionally injured. bart fought the lawsuit claiming caldwell had a significant criminal
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background. casey anthony is a free woman. about two hours ago she walked out of a florida jail. karen brown with what's next for the mother acquitted in her daughter's murder. >> reporter: after more than 1000 days behind bars, acquitted murder suspect casey anthony is a free woman. but that freedom comes with a price. being released into a population that still largely believes she is guilty of killing her 2-year-old daughter caylee. it is a problem even her attorneys acknowledge. >> she is not going to be free like you and i or anybody else watching will be free because whose face is better known in this country than her face? >> reporter: once she is released law enforcement will not provide casey anthony with security unless there is a verifiable threat and safety concerns have turned to the how and when of her release into a closely guarded secret. >> reporter: anthony face is he
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defamation charges. she is being offered millions of dollars for an interview and she could decide to settle. anthony has received several officers to stay. >> obviously we don't have a way of background checking who any of these people are. >> reporter: meanwhile across town crowds continue to gather at a memorial set up for the little girl's whose death started it all. karen brown, florida. people were using the word "carmageddon. 405 in los angeles. the mayor was in full disaster mode today. you can see him surveying the scene from the helicopter. he saw an empty freeway.
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it was a sleepy sat in the los angeles area. people left town or simply stayed home. this after months of warnings about a traffic nightmare while the 405 was closed for construction work. no traffic problems reported anywhere. so just how quiet was it? there was a good old fashioned los angeles car chase at about 8 p.m. tonight. ignore the pursuit for a second and check out the freeway. it is practically wide open. and this is actually in the area of the 405. so not only was there no carmageddon there was no one on the road period. and this is hard to believe but that chase is still going on. in fact, here are some live pictures. you can see it in the haze there. it started more than three hours ago. still dragging on into the night. new helicopters have been falling it the whole time. honestly we naught this would be long over by the time we went on air. it is still going on. and all of us in the newsroom can't believe this car hasn't
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run out of gas. if it comes to an end before 11:30 we will let you know the outcome. if you're planning on driving across the golden gate bridge, southbound and northbound connections to the bridge in san francisco are closed. the closure is part of a multimillion dollar construction project and that is supposed to make doyle drive safe during earthquakes. during tonight's closure workers will complete the closure from temporary traffic lanes to the new permanent route. everything is scheduled to reopen tomorrow morning at 11. >> it is like a dream. it is like a dream right now. not just any dream. the american dream. how some of your neighbors just bought it for pennies on the dollar. well, temperatures are still cool and we do have some dense fog along the coast but we can expect a warmup by wednesday and i've got the
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bay area headlines: friends and family of a missing nursing student from san mateo spent another day searching for her today. it's the sixth day they' y friends and family of a missing nursing student continued searching for michelle lei.
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the 26-year-old was last seen may 27th in hayward leaving for a break at kiaser permanente medical center. no body or no suspect yet. a three alarm fire erupted today in a private school in oakland. when firefighters arrived they found the building filled with smoke. they had trouble finding the source of the fire so additional units were called from two other fire stations. firefighters say the building is old but has been renovated and divided. they are still looking for the cause. well, it sounds like good news for the housing market. foreclosures slowed for the first half of this year in california but analysts say it is likely because of backlogs in foreclosure processing. anne makovec reports for buyers there are still plenty of homeowners on the auction block. >> 40,000. >> reporter: among the fast talking auctioneers and
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investors buying in bulk there are people like beverly. >> today i purchased a home. >> reporter: she saw this foreclosed hospital in antioch online -- she saw this foreclosed house in antioch. >> reporter: paid $115,000 cash. >> i have been saving for a long time. >> reporter: all of the homes were available for viewing before today's auction. this home here in richmond was once valued at $324,000. today's starting bid was $250,000. it sold for $62,000. the buyer also has to pay tens of thousands of dollars in closing costs depending on the property and there are plenty to choose from. in california one out of every 52 homes received a foreclosure notice over the past six
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months. that is over 263,000 homes. >> the bank will lose an arm, they don't want to lose a leg in this type of deal. >> reporter: but all of this prizing has to be put in perspective. >> prices in california have fallen by almost half in the past four years since the height of the real estate double but prices started out so high in california that even now it is still almost twice as expensive to buy a home here as almost any place else in the country. >> reporter: for buyers though the auction can be an opportunity. >> actually gives people who lost a lot a chance to come and purchase something for a reasonable price and maybe get another second shot. >> it is like a dream. it is like a dream right now. i got a home. i got a home. >> sold. >> reporter: in oakland, anne makovec, cbs5. well, several neighborhoods in san francisco are a little cleaner today after hundreds of volunteers got down and dirty. more than 300 volunteers painted over grafitti and picked up litter in neighborhoods like bayview and
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visitation valley. also in attendance the san francisco mayor ed lee who was once again asked about his future in politics. >> the work of the mayor is so intense especially right now when we are trying to pay attention to what the state is doing. so that kind of work on a day- to-day basis will keep me very busy. >> lee says he has been so busy he hasn't had time to think about launching a campaign. however, i've got to hand it to kim coyle, she has her niners hat on. >> maybe he is trying to keep the niners in san francisco. >> you notice the weather in san francisco. >> i know nothing about sports. >> you're looking at the forecast. >> that's all i care about. >> will it be nice enough to play it will be for tomorrow. cooler temperatures today through wednesday. warming up nicely into wednesday finally seeing 90s inland but tomorrow really still just below average. here is a look outside. seeing some low clouds just
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making their way along the coast there. patchy fog has been reported. as you take a look at the images we can see that fog isn't very thick right now building up just off the coast here. about 1500 feet thick. so we are not expecting that much. it will be patchy through the early morning hours for tomorrow. as we take a look at our pinpoint forecast, our true view forecast you can see fog, clouds and will hold through the early morning hours and will eventually mix out. we need sunlight to dry up all the moisture in the atmosphere. we are trending in the 50s. low 50s to high 50s for tonight. tomorrow we have got 50s to 80s. sun and clouds inland. breezy conditions for much of the forecast region. sunrise 6:01 in the morning. day is getting shorter. 65 degrees for the aids walk. partly cloudy skies. breezy conditions as well. tomorrow game time 1:05 p.m.
11:18 pm
oakland as 64 degrees the expected high at 1:05 p.m. temperatures will be trending still below average for tomorrow. we have got 50s and 60s along the coast. 76 for santa clara. sunnyvale 72 degrees. fog, patchy clouds. we have got 75 for danville. livermore 80 and 83 for brentwood and we are really going to max out in the mid- 80s for the inland areas. santa rosa 72. a look at the low pressure system now. will start to head towards the east. this high pressure system will head towards the west. as it expands it will retro grade meaning it will go against the normal flow pattern. that will start to increase daily highs so we can expect warmer temperatures by wednesday. extendedf. cooler temperatures for the neck couple days then wednesday warmer temperatures on tap by the end of the work weekend
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looks like we just have some cool temperatures to contend with. not bad at all. i know you were looking for warmer temperatures by wednesday. that was your big thing. >> not too warm but just warm enough. that's perfect. >> lots of requirements. mother nature will deliver. >> yes, that's right. >> thank you. >> of course. >> okay, kim is up with our sports watch for us. >> yes, giants fans could be seeing jonathan sanchez before too long. was it too good to be true? barry zito has his worst start since coming off the dl? as and angels playing two at the coliseum. may not have his 500th homer but he did hit the leather. sports is next. ,,,,,,,,
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call or come in and talk with us today.
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starts and giving up just three runs, in 21- innings... barry zito has looked like the million dollar man after giving up just three runs in 21 innings. in his last start against the padres nine days ago barry zito allowed one run in eight innings, struck out seven and didn't walk anybody but it was a different story tonight. he issues a fair of free passes in the 1st setting the table for guzman and he makes zito pay. three-run shot to left and the nightmare is just beginning for barry zito. bottom of the 3rd orlando hudson with a three-run homer of his own. zito lasts just three and two thirds and gives up eight runs. the padres pounds the giants 11-3. it is 80s weekend at the coliseum. so today's fans were treated to
11:23 pm
an old-fashioned double header. that's right. two games for the price of one. trust me, the regular version of this handshake took 20 seconds. the as had their hands full with all-star starter derek weaver. looked like they would finally get on the board in the 5th when kurt suzuki doubled off the wall, but it takes a perfect toss to wells and jesus will be out by a mile at the plate. 7th inning angels up 2-0. eric ibar makes it hundred... runners on second and makes it more. weeks had five hits in the two games and raised his average back over 300. runners on 2nd and 3rd for coco crisp. hits a shot that would have given the as the lead but ibar knocks it down and gets the out. the angels take game 14-2.
11:24 pm
kurt suzuki getting a well deserved day off. would like to have that pitch off. vernon wells ties it at 3. but harden would bounce back in the 7th by striking out the side. the final three of his nine strikeouts on the night. went seven innings for the first time since last july still tied in the 10th, two on, two out for scott sizemore and his shot to the gap sends everyone happy. cliff pennington scores the winning run. 15th r.b.i. since joining the as in june. they beat the angels 4-3 and split the double header. with tiger woods no longer the dominant force in golf the door has been open for the rest of the field. 11 different players have won the last 11 majors. not exactly a picture-perfect day in england. barring a record comeback tomorrow rory mcilroy won't be winning back-to-back majors. he shoots a four over 74 and is
11:25 pm
nine shots off the lead. 22-year-old ricky fouler made his move up the leaderboard with three birdies on the back nine and came within an inch of a fourth. shoots a 68 and is three shots back. phil mickelson has never won an open championship and he has got his work cut out for him tomorrow after shooting a one over 71 that leaves him five back. dustin johnson matched fowler's 68 for the day. he will head into the final round one shot behind darren clark. the 42-year-old from northern ireland shoots a 69 to get the five under for the tournament. clark has never won a major title but will have the full support of the crowd tomorrow. >> i'm not the typical athlete. i'm a little bit on the heavy side. don't go to the gym all the time. i like to socialize, like to relax. i think most of the people that come watch will identify with
11:26 pm
that and that's probably why they seem to like me so much. >> clark will play with dustin johnson who has also never won a major. lucas glover dropped to fifth after shooting a 73. a little lighter tournament up in lake tahoe. former vice president dan quail learning the carlton dance. normally the best part of showing celebrity golf is making fun of charles barkely's swing but nothing to laugh about here. sir charles hits it right in the middle of the fairway. actor jack wagner has a six- point lead. still to come. the earthquakes hit the road looking for their first win in a month. and if you're tired of the nfl lockout, we have got some actual football highlights. the incredible finish in spokane is next. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪
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tomorrow in the women's world cup final... sweden beat france 2-1, in the third place game today... team u.s.a. will take on japan tomorrow. sweden beat france in the third place game today. they were trying to beat up the beat in columbus. the earthquakes looking for their first win since mid-june. 75th minute, doing his best abbey impression. gets a hand on it. neither team scores and quakes settle for their fourth tie in five matches. arena football.
11:30 pm
sabre cats taking the lead but spokane had time for one final play. >> valley dropping back. going to sail it up. the ballgame is there. hanging in the air. is it caught? touchdown. >> shock win. sabrecats fall to 7-10. >> i guess that's why they are called the shock. manchester city over club america. 2-0. a little soccer down there. >> got it all. >> kim thanks so much. we will be right back with more news. ,,,,
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[ domenic ] grew up right here. really that's about all we ever did is just work and play here. pretty well. i think up here in this area, we're, we're kinda like a novelty almost now, because there's so few of us left. but farmers are farmers -- we enjoy what we do and we keep doing it. and i just keep trucking, just keep going. [ female announcer ] meet the families behind real california dairy at
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fidelity investments. turn here. fantasized about quitting a job, in a, should we say "colorful" everybody has done it at some point. thinking about quitting a job. a former employee of taco bell has rearranged the letter on the restaurant's marquis to read i quit adam. a man said he quit while he worked 20 days straight. the more important thing is tomorrow is hammer day. hammer bubblehead day. >> that will be fun. >> have a good one. >> good night. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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